D’Angelo Russell in bad situation with Laker team

Sean Callaghan, Sports Reporter

‘On Monday in Salt Lake City, the Lakers completely fell apart on the court, as the Jazz handed out a 48-point beating that tied the worst loss in Lakers’ franchise history. According to the ESPN report, the blame for the defeat in Utah at least partially fell on teammates not being able to “trust” the 20-year-old rookie, D’Angelo Russell.

The Los Angeles Lakers have started to isolate rookie guard D’Angelo Russell with lunchroom tactics like getting up and walking away when he sits down next to a teammate and the team outright refusing to sit at the same table as the 20-year-old for a meal.

On Friday, a video was uploaded to Twitter, and that video consisted of Russell secretly recording teammate Nick Young as he asked the former USC Trojan about women he had been with. Young’s answer suggested that the basketball star had cheated on his fiancé, singer Iggy Azalea, with a 19-year-old.

A group of Lakers surrounded Young and spoke to him privately as the media entered the locker room at the designated locker room access time. When the players dispersed to the back room of the locker room, Young sat alone at his locker. At one point, Young got up and stepped forward to walk into the back room, where Russell was. Young thought better of a pregame confrontation and made a u-turn and returned to his the seat facing his locker.

Upon confrontation, Russell told Young that his phone had been hacked and sent to others. Young and his teammates  could not come to grips with why the 20-year-old would even be secretly recording the private conversation in the first place. The source confirmed that all was not well within the team on the day the video originally leaked.

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