The truth behind penguins

Megan Lynn Mullins , feature writer

The first penguins were said to have lived on the earth 70 million years ago, but were not discovered by modern day explorers until 1911.

The explorers originally thought they were fish and studied the creatures’ habits and characteristics. Upon further investigation, researchers found that the ancestors of penguins could once fly, but lost the ability due to their superior swimming skills.

While most people believe penguins  live in polar climates, very few actually live in Antarctica, and none live in the North Pole. In reality, over half of the penguin species prefer temperate and tropical climates.

Surprisingly, penguins are very aggressive and sexual animals. There have been many cases of gangs of male emperor penguins performing homosexual acts, sexually abusing chicks, and raping the bodies of dead females.

Researchers believe these gangs of males are most likely hitting their sexual peak and are very inexperienced. They are being controlled by urges and animal instincts.

Another puzzling act that penguins partake take in is the act of kidnapping. The female emperor penguin is said to “adopt” unattended chicks. Groups of mothers break out into bloody fights, struggling to steal the chick of their neighboring families. The kidnaps can last from a few minutes to multiple days, but in the end the outcome generally stays the same, with the chick being left in the cold alone to die.

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