Spanish students attend Don Quijote field trip

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Spanish students from Michigan City High School were given the opportunity to attend a lunch at Don Quijote Spanish restaurant this week.

Students from all grades and levels of Spanish attended a field trip to the Don Quijote restaurant in Valparaiso to eat traditional Spanish food, to watch a live flamenco performance, and to learn more about the Spanish culture. Students from Senorita Gracyalny and Senora McGuire’s classes attended the restaurant on Tuesday, while students from Senor Meyers’ classes attended another performance and meal on the following day.

As students arrived from both Michigan City High School and Marian High School, they were welcomed with traditional foods from Spain.  This included tortilla espanola, which is similar to  an egg omelet, albondigas, or Spanish-style meatballs, and paella; a traditional dish of rice and chicken.

Not long after lunch was served, the performance began.  As explained by one of the dancers, the art of flamenco consists of three elements, the song or voice, the guitar, and the dance itself. There were a variety of acts, including a traditional Spanish song sung, instrumental Spanish guitar, and a dance performed.  After each element was shown on its own, they all came together for a few performances.

The lunch ended with six students from both Michigan City High School and Marian High School up on stage learning and performing a simple step in flamenco.  By the end of the trip, all the students who had attended learned more about Spanish culture, tasted the exotic food, watched a live flamenco performance, and gave out a great “ole” at the end of the day.

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