North side baseball back on top of MLB

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

The Chicago Cubs began the season with their best start since 1969. The work of general manager Theo Epstein has brought hope back into the minds of Cubs fans from all over.

For a long time Cubs were looked over by people in the MLB for being second best to the Chicago White Sox. But that is no longer the case because the Chicago Cubs are not only off to a better start than the White Sox but they are also ranked as the best team in the MLB.

Unfortunately,the Cubs suffered an injury early in the season with a player that is a big influence in the field and on their offense. Kyle Schwarber was running to get a ball and he collided with fellow outfielder Dexter Fowler. Kyle Schwarber tore his ACL and his LCL and will miss the entire season.

The Cubs have a lot off successes though even with losing Schwarber. Their entire team has had an upgrade. They picked up key players to add to the team like Jason Heyward. He was on the St. Louis Cardinals when they picked him up. He gave the Cubs a hard time in the playoffs last year when they faced off in the divisional round. He was constantly making plays but when the Cubs beat the Cardinals he realized that the new young team would be good in the upcoming years. When the Cubs went looking for some new players in the off season, he immediately went and jumped on board joining the team. John Lackey was another pick up. He is a pitcher that was also on the St. Louis Cardinals. He will be a very valuable pitcher and will be among Jake Arrieta, and Jon Lester as the other crucial pitchers that will lead the team this year.

In an early poll in the season the Chicago Cubs were favored to win the World Series. The last time the Cubs were at a world series it was 1945. The last time the Cubs won a World Series it was 1908. This shows how long of a dry spell the Cubs have been in. It has been a long time coming for Cubs fans and they are hoping that this is the year. But last year was supposed to also be the year so will it just be all hype?

Pitcher Jake Arrieta  has been off to a stellar start like he played late last season. He has 1.23 ERA which is a very good average. He had a 442 foot home run that was very far for anyone but even further for a pitcher. This shows that he can play both ends of field and excel at both.

The Cubs might have a bright season ahead of them. If they keep going on the path that they have been they will have a lot of success and a shot at the World Series.

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