Body of missing priest found in Georgia

Sage Santana, News Reporter

The body of the missing priest, Father Rene Robert, 71,  from Florida was found a few miles from a highway in Burke County in Georgia.

The priest disappeared last Thursday morning, after he did not show up to visit a patient in a hospital, which was unusual for him. Later, police spotted Stephen Murry, who was in regular contact with the priest, driving his car. The only suspect was a 28-year old man named Stephen Murry.  Murry was the man who led the police to the priest’s body, and who had been in contact with him before his murder, as the priest worked with Murry as a part of a program to help rehabilitate those who are released from prison. Murry was expedited to Georgia last Friday and held without bail.

Authorities believe that the priest was killed on April 12th, and that he went back and forth from the neighboring St. John’s county and Burke County in Georgia from the time that Father Robert’s death, up until the point that Murry was arrested. Additionally, the authorities have found no motivation for the murder. Although the case against Murry is mostly complete, there is still a long way to go in completing the case. Charges will be pressed against Murry, including first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Since the kidnap and murder, there have been countless vigils held for the priest, and they continue to take place. Police are working diligently to piece together the case, and put a close to the senseless murder of a good man.

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