Senior class president and vice president celebrate their four years in office


Ryan Solano, Feature

Senior class representatives Mohammed Hakim and Kyle Hurt showed off their musical talent with a spot on, lip-sync performance. Watch the video here.

After nearly four years of holding office as president and vice president for the class of 2016, their reign is coming to end. To celebrate their great times, they celebrated with a song and dance presentaion.

Using speakers from the newsroom, Kyle and Mohammed blasted their tunes into Mrs. Chastain’s classroom just across the hall.

The pair rocked out to compositions by Prince, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, and Queen (of course).

Students were captivated by their silly antics. Not only were students in the adjacent classroom feeling the groove, so were passersby. Observers walking in the hall were seen dancing along with the music.

While each performance was hilarious, their final display of Bohemian Rhapsody was exquisite. The duo moved out from behind the confinement of the newsroom desk and into the English classroom.

Using the front of the room as a stage, Mohammed and Kyle presented a spectacle worthy enough for The Tonight Show.

Abby Schoonaert said, “The dramatic experience could only be described as bromantic.”

No doubt the presentation was a golden moment. It’s spontaneous nature will make it go down in the MCHS history books.

But this does raise one question. Could we see an encore at graduation?

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