Summer Trends

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

As the weather is warming up, and summer is approaching, it is time to get the summer clothes out of boxes and find your style.  Many fashion magazines have gathered up all the new information on whats “hot” this year and whats “not”.

This year frayed denim shorts are in style. Denim shorts are always a summer staple, but this summer the frayed kind are bigger than ever. Plus, just like jeans, they pretty much look good with anything.

Another hit this year is slip on dresses. Slip dresses are this summer’s gift from heaven, since they’re super light and airy. Throw one on with a pair of flats on a super hot day and you’re on point and not sweating to death.

To go with you dresses or shorts, you also need to accessorize and you can do that with a graphic bag. When it comes to your bag this summer, more is most definitely more, and the wackier the better. So if you’ve always dreamed of carrying a purse shaped like a flower, your time is now.

If there was ever a time for the crochet bikini, it’s now. Not the kind that your grandma would knit up, but rather the Victoria Secrets crochet tops, cover-ups, and bikinis. So why not give your swimwear a throwback update? And don’t skimp on colors, you can weave plenty of bright hues into your saltwater ensembles. Not a bad way to put a spin on your swim look.

As this summer is quickly approaching make sure to get into the groove with these new fab trends and create an awesome outfit! Get rid of the old summer clothes and go on a shopping spree for this year and style it up at the beach!


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