Proud of Distinguished Grads

Kristen Gushrowski, Sports Writer

With about a month of school left, students at MCHS are preparing for finals, Prom, and graduation. Twenty-one MCHS students are at the top of our class, with grade-point averages of 3.8 and higher, earning them the title of “distinguished graduates.” These special graduates will have yellow graduation cords and will be seated in the front row at graduation.

As a distinguished graduate myself, I can confirm that it hasn’t been easy to earn this high GPA. Every year, I had a class I struggled with. Freshman year, my French class was difficult. It was the first time I was exposed to a foreign language class, and learning how to speak, write, and understand a foreign language was daunting. I had a tough time with English sophomore year, and I was afraid I wouldn’t pass the ECA. What if I didn’t know how to respond to the writing prompt? What if I didn’t understand the reading passages? These questions rolled through my head up until I was finished with the test. As a junior, I was enrolled in my first Advanced Placement classes: US History and English. I wasn’t particularly strong in either of these subjects, which forced me to put in extra effort to ensure my GPA wouldn’t drop. I studied harder for these classes than I did for any other class. This year, my Senior year, my Calculus class has been difficult, and I had to create a new way to study. I continually practiced the problems and checked my work once I was finished.

Through conversations with my peers in class and in the halls, I know I’m not the only student who had hard times in classes. All of us distinguished graduates have worked extra hard in difficult classes to keep our GPA’s at 3.8 or higher. We are all excited about the upcoming Distinguished Banquet at Pottawattomie Country Club in June. We have worked extremely hard for this honor, and now it’s all becoming real. I’m proud of everyone for sticking with their school work and never giving up on their goal to be deemed a distinguished graduate.

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