Ted Cruz makes appearance at LaPorte and Winimac

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz visited the towns of Winamac and LaPorte on Monday, May 2nd.

On his way into LaPorte to attend a rally, Cruz stopped at a small diner in Winamac to shake hands and answer questions with the citizens of the towns. One citizen commented on Cruz’s political identity, saying that he was happy that Cruz as a candidate who is “a social conservative, a fiscal conservative, a conservative all the way down the line.”

After spending time with the people of Winamac, Cruz went to LaPorte to hold his rally at the La Porte Civic Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

One of the plans that Cruz said he would execute would be to lower taxes.

“I think Hoosiers are taxed too much, and I’m gonna cut your taxes” says Cruz.

Cruz went on to expand on his objectives if he were elected president. Included in these were the standing by of Israel to defeat radical terrorists, and to appeal Obamacare. Additionally, Cruz said that he plans to pass “common health care reform” which will “keep [the] government from getting in between” patients and their doctors.

One of the young voters who attended,  Gabrielle Winslette, attended the Cruz rally as a first time voter and said that it was “life changing”.

Many of Cruz’s supporters, including those at the rally in LaPorte, believed that contrary to Trump who says that he will make America great again, Cruz will actually follow through with it.

As Indiana citizen takes to the polls on Tuesday, May 3rd, only time will tell if Cruz comes out on top.

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