Big Ben

Megan Lynn Mullins , Feature Writer

After 157 years of unbroken service the Big Ben must stop to prevent its mechanism from failing.The Elizabeth Tower which houses the large clock will also be shut down during the 3 year project in order to make repairs on the clock and the tower itself. BBC news source parliament says “ Parts of the Great Clock have become worn and require urgent investigation and repair, and there is a high risk that the clock would fail if the problems are not addressed soon.There are concerns about the pendulum’s accuracy, and the suspension spring, which holds the pendulum in place, needs to be replaced.” The big ben is so enormous that when you stand next to the clock as it strikes 10 you are provided with earplugs and you can feel the vibrations running through your body minutes after the the bongs have died away. BBC news source Steve Jaggs, Keeper of the Clock, said: “This project will enable us to give one of Britain’s most famous landmarks the TLC it so desperately needs and deserves.”
The Elizabeth Tower is visited by more than 12,000 a year and is said to be structurally sound but there are many cracks in the walls and other issues that need to be fixed quickly in order to prolong the life and the quality of the building.

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