Oh the places MCHS will go

Sage Santana, News Reporter

As the school year winds down at Michigan City High School, seniors are taking many steps to prepare for college, in a variety of ways, so as to get themselves ready for the next big step in their life.

Although the days are counting down towards graduation, the pressure is turning up for many seniors. With exams, graduation preparation, sports seasons, and outside obligations, it can be hard to get ready for college. Tough decisions and deadlines often surround students, including everything,  from saving money to pay towards a housing deposit, to picking out the right roommate, yet some seniors can still handle the pressure.

Senior Annabelle Cayetano, who will be attending Ball State University in the fall,  does all she can inbetween her busy schedule to get ready for the big bill that college can create. “I have taken AP and dual credit classes, applied for scholarships, and saved money from my part-time job.  Almost everything I do is to get ready for college.”

Future student of Western Michigan University and senior Kyron Harris is preparing himself for college by taking time to work with the field he plans to study “ I tried to get as much experience as I can around by major, which is theater, to help me prepare for college.”

Senior Alyssa Zook, a future student at Purdue University,  is preparing for college by applying for scholarships, which can be a difficult task for many seniors “Most scholarships are directed towards a specific audience that I do not fit the criteria of. However, I am still hoping that I hit the jackpot.”

Aside from preparing financially, and experientially, another important part of getting ready for college is choosing the right college roommate. It can be difficult for many students to choose the right person, as they will be spending a long amount of time with them in a small space, and new environment. However, choosing a roommate is a part of the college experience. Some students are confident about their college roommate, and have already made plans as to who they will be rooming with.  

Taylor Bowman, a future Ball State student, has already chosen her college roommate “My roommate will be Tia Majied, so I will not only have my best friend, but also a piece of home.”

Others are not as sure yet, or have not yet chosen who will be their roommate. Senior and future IUPUI student Carlos Bucio is one of those students “ I have not picked out my roommate. I am still looking for one and if I can not find one, then I will have to wing it. Maybe I will put an ad on Craigslist.”

Although there are many stressful things that go along with searching for the perfect college roommate, one of the things that is the most important when going off to college is the student’s attitude on leaving for school. It can be more stressful if the student is not looking forwards to leaving for college, or is scared or stressed to make that big step. Luckily for seniors Courtney Fitts and Jakob Martin, there is nothing but excitement for what the future has in store for them.

Courtney Fitts, who will be attending Holy Cross College in the fall, said “I am looking forward to being able to learn more about photography and the travel opportunities that I hope to take at Holy Cross.”

Future Purdue North West student, Jakob Martin, said “I have been looking forward to college since the first day of senior year. I can not wait to plan my own schedule and take classes that I actually have an interest in. I am also looking forward to two-hour long classes instead of a seven-hour long school day.”

No matter what students are doing to prepare for college, what is most important is that they are looking forward to spending four years and thousands of dollars on a college education.

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