The ‘Solar Kids’ astound doctors with their strange condition

Ryan Solano, Feature

Three Pakistani brothers, Abdul Rasheed,9, Shoalb Ahmed, 13, and one year old Mohammed Ilyas, have been baffling doctors with their strange condition.

Nicknamed the ‘Solar Kids’, these brothers live a normal life during the day but fall into a vegetative state once the sun goes down.

They are unable to move or walk at night as if they were paralyzed. Once morning reaches their small village of Mian Kundi, they return to normal and continue their day as if nothing happened.

Abdul and Shoalb will attend school, play cricket, and even help their father with the livestock with as much energy as any child but when night time comes along, it is back to that paralyzed state.

The brothers’ father, Mohammed Hashim, claims that the boys have been like this since birth.

Just recently the boys have been admitted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). Here the brothers underwent tests in attempt to solve this odd condition.

Not only was a nine-member board formed to conduct tests, blood samples and test reports were sent to 13 different international collaborators. Among these were the well known Mayo Clinic in the United States and the Guys Hospital in London.

After a diagnoses, doctors believe that the trio may be suffering from the extremely rare disease called Masthenia Syndrome. Only 600 reports of this disease have ever been reported ever.

With this diagnosis, PIMS was able to prescribe medicine that has proven successful. All three boys are now acting normally and are no longer subject to paralysis at night. They are still under close supervision to ensure the problem does not return.

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