Evidence shows that Zika is worse than expected

Evidence shows that Zika is worse than expected

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Researchers in Brazil have found evidence that the Zika virus may have developed into a stronger, more dangerous strand that can not only affect the shapes of infants heads at birth, but also cause other birth defects and brain development issues.

The strands were first found in Brazil, however, there has been more evidence to prove that the stronger strand has also been found in Central America and South America. In addition to this, it seems that the effects of Zika is not due to poor nutrition or other viruses.

When Zika first appeared, very few people fell ill, and not many relations were made between birth defects and the virus. However, as time continued, more people caught the virus, and more birth defects appeared due to Zika. It is possible now that so many people have been contracting Zika, and it has become increasingly more common, that it is now easier to study and understand what the causes and effects are of Zika.

Out of all of the studies done since the outbreak of Zika, there have been some new facts found about the virus. Researchers at Washington University in Saint Louis found that when pregnant mice were directly exposed to the Zika virus, their unborn pups died. This suggests that the Zika virus is attracted to placenta, as there is ample amount of viral genetic material in the placenta. This new discovery is essential in finding out more about Zika, as it models what happens to women and infants exposed to Zika. However, with this new strand of Zika spreading, there is only the hope that information can be found quickly to stop the virus and its dangerous effects.

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