Indianapolis students caught raising the Nazi salute

Sage Santana, News Reporter

A photo of Indianapolis high school students making the Nazi salute surfaced over the weekend on social media. The photo was taken at Cathedral High School, a private college preparatory school, in a World Languages Classroom nearby a German flag. Fifteen students were in the photo, making the salute, and he image came under condemnation by administrators, with the threat of serious repercussions due to the students’ actions.

The insensitive photo was meant to be taken as a joke, with a farewell message to the graduating class captioned beneath the picture. However, in light of the events, the account that had posted the photo has since been deleted.

The principal of the school, Dave Worland, made a comment of the photo on Twitter, stating “This is very serious and unacceptable to us and it is being addressed with the students and their parents ASAP.”

Officials from the school created a plan to address the problem, and put it into place on Monday evening. The officials made a statement, saying,  “We are having a meeting about cultural awareness with these students and their families regarding the poor choice they made in the picture and how offensive and hurtful this can be. Our vice president for diversity and inclusion will speak in addition to our principal and the vice principal for student conduct. This is unacceptable and there will be consequences for those involved.”

Aside from the intervention with the students and the parents, there has been no word as to whether or not there will be any additional punishments given to the students.

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