Taking risks to make memories

Sage Santana, News Reporter

I have a countdown app on my phone that counts down the days to graduation, and as the days pass and numbers shrink, with each second passing by I never imagined that four years would pass by so quickly. However, just as my phone reads, time passes much sooner than expected. Out of all the experiences that I have had in the past four years, I can say that the one thing that I have learned is to take as many chances as possible.
One of the regrets that I often find myself saying is that I wished I had taken more art classes, played more sports, and hung out with friends more, among other things. I think of all the missed opportunities, and I wished that I could go back and change them, in hopes that something might have changed in an exciting and new way.
Despite the fact that I do have regrets, they are not as strong as my appreciation for all of the chances I did take. If it were not for taking a chance I would have never swam on the girls varsity swim team and made it to sectionals. If it were not for taking a chance, I would never had the opportunity to spend spring break in Costa Rica, making memories that I would never forget. If it were not for taking a chance, I would never had made so many new and wonderful friends, and have had great and exciting adventures with them that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Although I have my regrets, and I can say with full confidence that I am grateful for where I am now, for everything that I have, and for how far I have come. I am so grateful for all of the risks that I have taken, and for all the lessons that I have learned from them. Despite some of the mistakes that I have made, I would not take by my decisions and their outcomes for anything in the world.
In light of this, I encourage all remaining students at MCHS to take risks. It could be as small as taking a foreign language that is interesting, or something more adventurous like going on a weekend road trip with a few friends. No matter what the risk is, the outcomes are limitless, and so the risk is worth taking.
As the days count down and the time until that last day of school shortens, I think about how much time I have left, how many more opportunities will arise within these final few days until the end. More importantly, I think about all the risks I look forward to taking.

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