The importance behind the graduation set up

The importance behind the graduation set up

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

Graduation is typically seen as a ceremony that simply concludes a chapter in students lives.The audience usually just sees what is going on and not the meaning behind all of the little things, including the setup.

Students are seated on the main floor of the gym while their family and friends are located in the seating that opens into the upper gyms. This makes for a clear, pristine set up, but why do it?

The graduation ceremony as a whole symbolizes bringing the students into the next part of their lives. Students are placed in the middle away from everyone else to show that they are independent people who are about to walk through a new door in life.

When the students are called up to the stage to receive their diplomas, then enter onto the stage from the right side and exit off to the left. This symbolizes the students crossing over to a new chapter. The physical act of walking across the stage represents the transition of teenager to adult.

After the commencement ceremony, everyone, family, friends, and students, go outside to take pictures and celebrate, but there is more to this as well. During the ceremony, the students are separated from their loved ones as teenagers by being isolated in the middle. Once it is all over, they are reintroduced to their friends and family as an adult.

All too often do the small things in life go unnoticed and one of those things is the way the gym is set up for graduation. Commencement ceremonies are a very special thing in which the small details should not go unnoticed.

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