What makes a distinguished graduate

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

Being a distinguished student is an honor. Students that are considered distinguished have worked very hard throughout their entire high school career to get to this point.

In order to be distinguished, a student must have a 3.8 GPA or higher. Students with highest distinction either have a 3.9 or 4.0 GPA. Distinguished students are upstanding citizens that have invested hard work and dedication into their school work.

All of the distinguished graduates have also earned the Academic Honors diploma, In order to receive the AH diploma students must meet the all of the Core 40 requirements along with some other ones. Some other requirements include two additional math credits, a total of six to eight foreign language credits, and earning six verifiable transcripted college credits while being enrolled in dual credit classes at the high school or passing two AP exams.

The distinguished students are represented at graduation by the gold “hood,” or sash, that they wear on top of their gowns. In the front of the graduation gown, there is a golden peak by the collar. In the back, the hood hangs down and is long enough so that it can be seen even with long hair. Distinguished graduates also receive their diplomas right after the class officers near the beginning of the commencement ceremony.

Being distinguished also comes with benefits. Students that are distinguished are not required to take their second semester finals, although some students may choose to take them. On the days that the other senior students take finals, the distinguished grads go to the auditorium where they can do anything from playing games to watching movies, of they go on a field trip. For example, this year’s students are going into Chicago on one of the days.

Being a distinguished student is a very special thing. The students graduating with distinction are hard working individuals that have earned the title of being a distinguished graduate and deserve all of the things that come with being distinguished.

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