One last chat with the NHS president


Suzanne Kaiser, Feature reporter

With the end of the school year right around the corner, the end to another reign of National Honor Society students. In spirit of this chapter of students coming to a conclusion, what follows is an interview with the 2015-2016 NHS president Bailey Holkan.

What motivated you to run for the president of NHS?

When my brother was in NHS, he was also elected president. I wanted to follow in his footsteps because I have always looked up to him and the kind of service that he gave back to our community. I knew that to follow his footsteps, this would be one of the best ways to do just that.


What were you expecting from the role of being president?

I was expecting a position that would allow me to lead my fellow peers to want to give back to their community through service. I was expecting so many different opportunities for volunteer opportunities. National Honor Society fully lived up to my expectations.


What did you do as the president of NHS?

I made sure that everyone got their service hours in on time, and made sure everyone was dedicated to the group. I also worked very closely with Miss Gracyalny, which was great because she is very organized and so enthusiastic and passionate about her position as the sponsor of our chapter.

What was your favorite part about being the president?

I loved being able to be someone who others look up to and go to for help.


Would you encourage others to run for president?

Yes, I would definitely encourage others to run for president. It’s great to be the leader among your peers and allows you to really find yourself through the service for others. It also looks great on a college application.


What was your favorite part of being in NHS?

I loved all the different opportunities I got to work with different kids. I got to volunteer at Lake Hills for S.T.E.M. It was so much fun and a great experience. I definitely encourage the NHS members that follow in further years to also volunteer for S.T.E.M. club.
Holkan encourages all students to volunteer a lot and enjoy their time in National Honor Society.

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