Bodycam video shows cops using their Tasers in a fatal encounter

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

“I’m dead, I’m dead! … I said, I quit, I quit!”

Those, according to newly released body-cam video, are some of the last words spoken by Chase Sherman as sheriff’s deputies armed with Tasers struggled to subdue him in the back seat of a car stopped alongside an interstate highway in Georgia last November.
Sherman’s parents, who were traveling with their son from Atlanta to their home in Florida when the 32-year-old began acting erratically, contend their son was later shocked with a Taser until he died.
At a news conference in Atlanta on Friday where they were accompanied by their attorney, the couple said they will seek federal charges if local authorities do not prosecute the Coweta County deputies involved in the fatal encounter.
Whether there is criminal prosecution, said their attorney, Chris Stewart, there will be a civil suit.
“This man was tasered to death and had a knee put on his chest until he suffocated — while handcuffed,” Stewart said. “It’s a sad testament to how we treat the mentally ill or people that are having a breakdown.”
The death certificate for Sherman lists the cause of death as a homicide due to “several pulls of an electronic control device” and “compression of the torso by the body weight of another individual.”
Dash-cam and body-cam video from officers on the scene was released by Coweta County prosecutors. District Attorney Peter J. Skandalakis said in a statement that “the review of this case is not complete, the investigation is ongoing and a final decision has not been made concerning the outcome of this case.”
The fatal encounter began when Coweta County deputies responded to a 911 call from Sherman’s parents as the family traveled south of Atlanta. In an interview with CNN in March, parents Mary Ann and Kevin Sherman described how their son’s behavior had become worrisome as the family waited in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, preparing to board a flight home. They were finishing a trip from the Dominican Republic, where they had attended the wedding of another son.
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