The Magnificent Coloring World

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

Chance The Rapper wanted a lot more than just his fans listening to his new mixtape, Coloring Book. He wanted them to experience it with him. That’s where his Magnificent Coloring World came in. On Saturday, Chano brought a few hundred lucky fans onto a school bus, to party celebrating the mixtape.

The Chicago Tribune described it like this: “Coloring books and magic markers were spread out on picnic tables. Buckets of ice, filled with Kiwi Mistics (no Flaming Hots), dotted the turf. There was a bounce house. And a blow-up slide. A long line formed for balloon animals. The “Sunday Candy” corner had stands giving out free Reese’s and Fruit by the Foot. To the right of the candy shop was a church, with a line of pews extending back to a dance-floor, white-papered cylinder. Behind was a blank wall, as wide as an oversized chalkboard, which would soon be filled with messages of praise. “Thank you 4 saving hip-hop,” read a blue-scrawled message, circled over and over.”

There is a Coloring Book tour to match the Magnificent Coloring World style.

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