Third generation of Thespians

“Act well your part; there all the honour lies.”                      – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man


Alyssa Pagels

MCHS’s International Thespian Society Troupe 7760, 2013-2014

Richer Huynh, Feature Reporter

On October 10th, 2013, the International Thespian Society held its annual induction ceremony for eighteen new members.

The International Thespian Society is an honor society based on theatre and performing arts. These eighteen new Thespians, as well as current, past and prospective members, earned ten or more points in order to be inducted. These points were earned by making various contributions and services in theatre. Examples of such contributions include acting, being a make-up artist, and working on the set, lights, or sound for a production.

MCHS’s Thespian Society troupe (7760) is in its third year of operation. The troupe is led by the troupe director and theatre instructor at the high school, Mrs. Rogers, who was once president of a troupe when she was a student herself, and by its president, Charles Bentley, vice-president, Connor Puetzer, and secretary, Richer Huynh.

The induction ceremony began with an introduction by the principal, Mr. McCollum, that welcomed friends and family to the ceremony.

Mrs. Rogers and Bentley proceeded with brief speeches about hard-work, responsibility, and commitment to theatre, which the new inductees must represent as Thespians.

The prospective members then delivered a dialogue of the importance of theatre as a source of fulfillment from science and history, as well as centuries of entertainment.

After the dialogue, current members introduced the inductees with short biographies that outlined the members’ personal and individual backgrounds in theatre, and other interests.

The inductees then recited a pledge of commitment to cooperation and maturity as Thespians, before finally being inducted by Mrs. Rogers to the troupe.

The new inductees are Julia Wahl, Sydney Attar, Elizabeth Werner, Marcus Lester, Victoria Myhand, Alexis Alicea, Catt Heim, Gordon Terry, Jasica Twardus, Abby Schoonaert, Sam Rohrman, Logan Jones, Alex Britzke, Rebeccah Durmotier, Brittani Boyd, Thespina Dabagia, Kyle Hurt, and Kaityln Steinhiser.

The ceremony closed with President Charles Bentley, along with the rest of the troupe, honoring Stan Holdcraft for his many years of dedication and contribution to supporting and facilitating theatre in Michigan City, especially at the high school and Young People’s Theatre Company, a community theatre company affiliated with Michigan City Area Schools aimed towards casts of children and young adults.

The International Thespian Society has many plans for school-wide events for the year, namely Mr. MCHS, which will be a Homecoming Queen/Talent show equivalent for males.

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