2016-2017 WPBN crew selected

The crew was trained on the last day of school.

The crew was trained on the last day of school.

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

MCHS’s Wolf Pack Broadcasting Network held auditions for its 2016-2017 crew last week.

The morning announcements hopefuls filled out audition forms that asked why they wanted to join morning announcements, how their attendance percentages were, what their GPAs were, if they had any new segment ideas, what they could bring to the morning announcements team, and whether they wanted to be on tech or on the air.

Those hoping to be on the air were asked to do a run through of a basic morning announcements broadcast.  They read a handwritten announcement and a track announcement due to the fact that those are usually the hardest to get through. Due to the fact that, on a regular morning announcements day, those going on camera get a few minutes to read through the announcements, all students auditioning were given their announcements four to five minutes before they performed for the panel. They were also asked to do a run-through of the pledge of alliegence. This allowed the panel to gauge the performer’s average speaking speed.

The soon-to-be techies went through a basic interview process, so the panel could get a feel for how experienced they were.

The new 2016-2017 morning announcements cast and crew consists of the following people: Elizabeth Werner, Allison Thomas, Jon Young, Julia Miller, Roberto Alvarez, Courtney Hart, Farrah Goodall, and Brittney Adams.

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