Marching band: is it a sport?


Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

Michigan City High School is a school that prides itself on its diversity, and with a very diverse group of students, there are many different interests as far as after school activities go. There are currently 39 clubs at the high school, as well as 26 different sports played throughout the year.
That number of clubs however may soon change from 39 to 40.
The North West Indiana High School Equestrians are currently waiting to be recognized as a club by Laporte High School and Kesling and Boston middle schools. Michigan City High School, as well as Barker and Krueger middle schools are also keen on the idea of bringing the club in.
The club itself is not just for students who attend Michigan City or Laporte schools however, it is open to anyone in the area who wants to join.
“The club is open for anybody,” said Dawn Forney, a member of the club’s board, “We started it without schools getting involved, because we didn’t know if we could get them involved, but we wanted to try to bring them in as we go. We are including anyone who’s interested.”
Whether you go to a public, charter, private school, or even if you are home schooled does not matter. Anyone from the Northwest Indiana region is welcome to attend the meetings and shows. Forney said that she wanted the club to be as inclusive as possible.
Although the club is mainly targeting high school students, anyone from the sixth through twelfth grade is welcome to join. According to Forney there at least 30 people interested in joining the club so far from various schools.
“Right now we are finding out how many people are interested, we are registering people, and soon I will know for sure.”
Forney also stated that no prior experience in horseback riding was needed to join the club, and that you don’t need your own horse to participate.
“We want to make it as open as possible. For kids that don’t have horses, we will try to find them horses.”
The fee to join the club is $125 for one year, and the club will offer students the opportunity to compete at shows and in competitions. The first show is set to take place on October eighth at the Laporte County Fairgrounds. It is open to members of the club only, and there will be many classes offered throughout the day.
Students who attend horse stables all throughout Northwestern Indiana can join the Equestrian Club. Anyone who has participated in 4H horse competitions are encouraged to attend Equestrian Club meetings.
Anyone from MCHS who is interested in joining the club can talk to Mrs. Freitag, a social studies teacher at the school. The group also has a Facebook page called North West Indiana High School Equestrians.

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