New faces take the soccer field

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

The girls’ soccer team has gained many girls that are first year members this fall at MCHS.

Sophomores, Megan Sitar and Stephanie Serrano, both voiced that they were influenced by friends and siblings to join a sports team. Encouragement at home and on the field has helped them adjust to being newcomers.

Serrano’s older brother, Rodrigo Serrano, played soccer at MCHS during his high school years, and now she has decided to give it a try.  Soccer changed her perspective on life in a new way. She is now more persevered and tries harder at everything she does.

I was somewhat nervous, because I am not the best at the sport; however, I am extremely happy that I did it. Overall, it has been a great experience, and I definitely look forward to these next couple of years. ”

— Stephanie Serrano

Megan Sitar did not think that soccer would be fun, but she wanted to try it anyway.  She played when she was younger, but never thought about trying out for the team. It was hard at first for Sitar to come on the team as a newcomer, but she adjusted and had a lot of fun playing.




“The pasta parties were one of my favorite things about the season, because the team spent time together on and off of the field,” Sitar shared.

Junior, Makayla Williams, wanted to join girls’ soccer, because she knew it would be a good environment. She felt that she grew to be a better person and liked meeting new people.

Williams is the only new player that made the varsity team. She was happy to know that she worked hard for it. She has built many bonds with her fellow varsity players.

“My favorite thing about soccer is spending time with the team,” said Williams.

 Senior, Elissa Hachem, is new to the soccer team. She realized that the harder you work, the better the outcome. She felt that she became more supportive of those around her by playing.

“I have always wanted to play on the soccer team, but I was too scared to do it; this year, I finally had the courage,” said Hachem.




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