Den Delirium


Brandon Hurt leads the Den at the first home football game

Farrah Goodall, Feature Reporter

Every high school generally has a student section that travels with sports teams to cheer them on at their respective events; this year at MCHS, senior, Brandon Hurt, will act as the alpha wolf of the Den. It is a tradition for one senior out of every senior class to lead the Den at sporting events. The Den leader’s job is to interest the student body in supporting the student athletes, to come up with a unique theme for each event the Den attends, to lead the bantering chants as well as the cheer leading lines, and to make sure the Den is a fun experience for every student to be a part of.
This year, that responsibility fell on the shoulders of senior, Brandon Hurt. Hurt says that he was always interested in becoming the Den leader because of his leadership skills and liveliness, but he never expected to be actually chosen for the job. Over this past summer, Hurt received a text from a well-involved friend asking if he would like to become the 2016-2017 Den leader. Of course, Hurt accepted the request and is now expected to fulfill his responsibilities.
Hurt states, “My friends are really supportive of me being the Den leader, but there is definitely some pressure associated with the position because everyone seems to have very high expectations of me as Den leader.” His hopes are that the Den will attend every possible football game, both girls and boys basketball games, volleyball games, and much more. He knows that girls’ sports are often portrayed as less important and do not get enough support from the Den. Hurt said, “I would most definitely would like to see that change. I believe that all the athletes at MCHS deserve recognition.”
Hurt hopes to bring back themes and chants used in previous years while also introducing a few new ones to the student body. For the first home football game, he had the Den dress in all black, a popular theme known as a “blackout.” He is looking to the Internet, and, especially, his friends and peers for ideas. His main goal is to make the Den as fun as possible so that students want to come out to support the athletes.
While making sure the Den is having fun, Hurt will also need to be looking for a successor. It will be his duty at the end of the year to hand over the reigns to a junior who will lead the Den next year as a senior. Hurt stated that, “it is too early in the year for me to know who I will choose. Everyone keeps asking me, if I have anyone in mind. Honestly, I have no clue.”
Having all the expectations, ideas, and plans, though is not enough. Hurt needs students to attend sporting events in order for the Den to reach its full potential. He plans to fill the Den by getting the word out through social media. The Den is on Facebook under the name Den Delirium and Twitter under the name @DenDelirium. The morning announcements crew will also update the student body on all Den-related news. His mission is to convince student athletes to attend sporting events as a fan when they are not in season. “It is just courteous. The Den comes to their games, so they go to everyone else’s” said Hurt. He is fairly confident that athletes will want to show the Den appreciation by filling it during other events.
Hurt wants his senior year to leave a good impression on MCHS. He believes that as, Den leader, he will be able to show students that having school spirit is the best route to choose while in high school. Hurt hopes that this year’s Den will inspire the younger classes to take pride in being a student of MCHS and to stay involved by always support student athletes. “As an athlete myself,” Hurt said,“I believe that, when I know I have support at my events, my performance is a lot better. I want to help fellow athletes in any way I can.”
Hurt is looking forward to the year ahead and spending countless nights cheering in the Den. “I am really excited to be the Den leader,” Hurt stated. “I plan on making this year the best Den ever. I really want it to be legendary.”

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