Horsin’ Around

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

An often asked question is whether or not marching band is a sport.
According to sophomore Riley Shreve a sport is anything that people go to watch, and is the main focus of an event.
Sophomore Tyler Siegmund believes that a sport is anything that uses physical activity for competition.
In terms of being a sport or not, marching band is in a bit of a gray area due to the fact that it shares many of the same characteristics as sports do, but it also has some key qualities of a performing art.
“The most difficult part of marching band is the long days,” according to sophomore Tommy Komay. “It is not very physically hard or emotionally hard. It is just that you are out in the hot sun for about eight hours a day, every day. Band camp is hard too. It is just two weeks straight where you are out in the sun.”
This physical activity is what leads some to classify marching band a team sport. All of the marching that happens during band camp could easily be compared to the physical activity that goes into conditioning with any other sport.
The Wolf Pack marching band is responsible for the half time music at football games. They also participate in many parades and competitions throughout their season.
“Personally, I don’t think it is a sport, but I do think it deserves the gym credit that the school gives it. Marching band is a lot of hard work, and we put in a lot more hours than many other sports do. Our season is quite a bit longer than other sports teams as well,” said Komay.
“Is marching band a sport?” It seems to depend on who you ask.
One thing is for sure, members of the Wolf Pack Marching Band deserve recognition for all of their hard work and dedication.
Countless hours of preparation, and years of practicing instruments goes into every competition, parade, and halftime show.
There is a lot more to marching band than one may think. It is physical, demanding, and competitive for all those who participate. Does this make it a sport?

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