Broadcasting at its best

Farrah Goodall, Feature Reporter

The morning announcements crew poses in front of their green screen

There are numerous extracurricular activities that students can participate in at MCHS, and one option is the Wolf Pack Broadcast Network, WPBN, which involves a small number of students whose job is to explore broadcast journalism and run a news show every morning for the student body. “The purpose of the morning announcements crew,” stated Mr. Puetzer, the sponsor, “is to inform the students and faculty of events and activities that are going on in school.”
The students involved in this club run the show like a news team. They report what the agenda is for the day and announce anything interesting that happened at a previous event that is relevant to the student body. The reporters learn valuable public speaking skills, and the techies perform behind the scenes by learning how to use Tricaster technology. There are eleven people currently involved in Morning Announcements. Puetzer loves to see students join because “it is important for students to be involved, and it teaches public speaking skills as well as technical skills with the equipment.”
Kaitlyn Steinhiser, the crew’s senior leader, stated, “My all-time favorite thing about morning announcements is that it is almost completely student-led. This puts the leadership and responsibility directly into the students’ hands, thus increasing their opportunities to learn.”
Most of the crew members had positive things to say in regards to being a part of morning announcements. Reporter and junior, Brittney Adams, mentioned that, “the people in morning announcements are just amazing people. They are so lively and kind. We are like a family.”
Reporter and junior, Courtney Hart, expressed, “I really enjoy the quick form of communication that the morning announcements crew can spread news through the entire school within a few minutes. It really aides in making sure everyone is on the same page at the beginning of the school day.”
To further streamline MCHS’s news, the crew hopes for new technology, Steinhiser said, “Our tricaster broadcasting system is from 2008, and our audio transmitter is even older.”
Even the club’s sponsor commented on the subject saying, “We would love to see some updated equipment [including] newer sound boards, mics, and a new Tricaster.”
Morning announcements is hoping to have a chance to obtain new equipment, but, until then, they gain problem solving skills. When a piece of equipment fails, they must find a way to broadcast by finding an alternate solution.
Puetzer is proud of the students involved and how they continue to improve. He states, “It is a nice club to sponsor, the kids do almost everything themselves. The most I do is help when something is not working and handle auditions at the end of the year.”
WPBN is planning on being the best. They are excited and looking forward to what the new crew and year will bring to morning announcements.

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