Evolution of dress code


Pictured: Skylar Brinkman, Nathan Jones, Ella Bogart

Dalin McCully, Feature Reporter

Throughout the course of five years, MCHS administrators have made progressive efforts to transform the Dress for Success code.
The year following its creation, all students walked into the front doors of their schools in the Dress for Success dress code. The goal of Dress for Success as described by new assistant principal Mrs. Vanbuskirk is to be a preferable, cost effective alternative that levels the playing field for all students.
Over the past three years, school discipline infractions have significantly decreased, and students are more focused on their academic studies. For some it was a cheaper, less demanding alternative, but for others it was not as appealing as their own casual clothing.

However, over the course of five years students have become more accustomed to the gray, white, black, and blue colors adorned by hundreds of students in every school.
In its genesis, Dress for Success limited students to brandless formal clothing, which was not very popular among the student body. Upon noticing this quandary, administrators began incorporating new pieces to the dress code. Students were freely allowed to wear scarves, textured cardigans, joggers, leggings (under skirts), and they were given occasional jean days.
This shift to a more relaxed, but still business casual dress code enabled students to express themselves in a sufficient manner. Also, every Friday, hundreds of students at MCHS proudly exhibit their school spirit by wearing their football jerseys, class shirts, and Den Delirium shirts. This new change was an immediate success among students especially on the weekends of important academic or sports activities.

Sophomore, Jasmine Williams said, “I love Wolves Wear Friday, because it gives me a chance to express my commitment and love for our school.”
Junior, Brien Rissman added, “Wolves Wear Friday gives us the freedom to express our school pride. It allows us to represent what clubs we associate ourselves with.”
In addition, City’s past spirit weeks have been a wondrous spectacle among the student body. Days were themed across a broad spectrum ranging from Disney day, sports day, and celebrity day. This break from the norm clearly displayed students’ creativity, but also their love and pride for their school.
Spirit week is described by almost all as one of the most amazing times of the year. Mrs. Vanbuskirk also mentioned, “Spirit week brings the pack together with excitement and enthusiasm.”
At MCHS students and administrators have worked hard to implement additional components into the Wolves’ wardrobe. By just walking through the halls it is hard not to notice the individualities of each student through their clothing.
New ideas for dress code changes have sparked rampantly throughout the year among the student population, but, as of now, the dress code is here to stay.

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