Girls’ golf to change MCHS history

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

Allie Mellen poses after taking her tee shot.
Allie Mellen poses after taking her tee shot.

In school history, the girls’ golf team has yet to make it past regionals. This year, the girls are determined to change that.
Leading the team this year are three seniors who all have the same mindset: do whatever it takes to get to regionals and beyond that. The seniors and head coach know the team’s connection with each other and good sportsmanship give them an advantage that some teams do not grasp.
Seniors Allie Mellen, Maggie Seizys, and Skylar Brinkman were all very determined to go out with a bang for their final season and changing school history in the process.
The seniors all agree that together and as a team, they need to work together to lower their scores. Although currently their season has been rocky, the girls have been working hard to improve their game.
Coach Drew White expressed that the team has been “struggling quite a bit this season.” The record for this season is 5-7, and the conference record is 1-6. The seniors all have to agree that the team’s consistency from last season compared to this season has gone down. The coach and seniors agree as a team, they need to work on their consistency.
This rocky season has not dimmed the fire in White though, he is very confident when he says that, “we are making it past regionals. We are going to change school history.”
Although the seniors are adamant on making it past regionals on a team perspective, they hope to prevail individually during postseason. Both Mellen and Seizys have both shot their personal best on 18 holes this season.
Seizys has not been very happy with her consistency nor how high her scores have been this season, but she has made many improvements throughout the season to help her consistency.
After this season, the team has a bright future with multiple sophomores, a freshman and a junior who have a lot to contribute to next year’s team.
The younger girls are very promising when it comes to contributing to sectionals this year. Although they are still developing at being consistent with their scores, it is not anything they cannot fix for next season. This year’s seniors are big shoes to fill, but the underclassmen of this team should have no problem adapting to this next year.
As the girls’ golf season comes to a close, sectionals are very close. The seniors plan to go out with a bang this year, hoping to leave their mark in their final season. They hope to do whatever it takes to help their team make it past regionals, hoping to extend their season into postseason.

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