MCHS cafeteria to get a facelift


Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Michigan City High School is in for a big renovation in the cafeteria. They are planning to redo the whole cafeteria. Some might say giving it a “face  lift”.
Not only are we getting renovations, we are getting all new things. This was long overdue, most things in it are outdated.
The cafeteria can still work well, it’s just time for change. The renovations will take place in stages and there is not really a set end date for the whole project. I talked to Cindy Licciardone, the Director of Nutrition Services, to get some helpful information.
As I stated vaguely before, the updates will come in phases or different steps. She stated that there would be three different phases to the whole project. Each phases holds a different set of machines or products to be introduced.
The first phase is already taking place in the cafeteria right now. This phase includes getting all the serving lines finished and installed. They hope to have this phase done by the end of October. It’s a good choice to knock out the lines now because it can sometimes get a little jumbled.
They are not sure when the next two phases will be done but we do know what they will possess. The next phase will include getting new tables put in and getting rid of the old completely. The last phase includes making the interior of the cafeteria presentable. Giving it a nice look to make it look nicer overall. Asking Licciardone what the reason for remodeling is she responded,” The cafeteria is outdated and the new improvements will make the whole cafeteria more energy efficient. Also, these improvements will speed up the participation time each student has going through the line. Getting kids through the lines quicker makes it easier on them and the staff.” The funding is coming from the self-funding program the Nutrition Services has. There are a lot of different peoples working on this project. The main contractor for the job is the company Gariup Construction. The tables, chairs and equipment are coming from companies such as Multiteria and HPS. The students point of view is a very crucial part because it is partly for their delight and success. In an interview with Sophomore Chase Triplett he said,” I am very excited for the new cafeteria. I think it will not only benefit the students and staff, but the school as a whole. It will make our school look nice. The improvement of speeding up the lines is critical and I think it will.” Around the school this is the overall feeling about it. It is a good addition to the school as a whole. The new cafeteria will give the school a new fresh look for years to come.Cafeteria blueprints

Blueprints for the new cafeteria.

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