Freshmen Student Elections


Megan Steinhiser:Representative, Anna-Lisse Lenard: Representative, Brenda Huizar: President, Jay Dawson Van Buskirk:Representative, Ciclaly Maya :Vice President, Josiah Gooch: Secretary

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

The six officers for the freshman class of 2020 ran for class elections to make their class’ freshman year as entertaining as possible. These officers hope to make their freshman year interesting and enjoyable for the rest of their class. Freshman Brenda Huizar class president, says she wants to organize fundraisers to raise money for her class so they can do entertaining things and go on more field trips. All of the officers want to get involved in their school by joining clubs, sports, and making the freshman class as good as it can be.
To run for student elections there are multiple requirements students must meet. The requirements are: maintaining a 2.5 grade point average, being in good terms with MCHS, attending at least fifty percent of the school steering committee meetings, and they had to receive a signature from each sponser.
Freshman Cicaly Maya said, “Everything is actually easier than I thought it would, I have made a ton of friends.” For the next four years, the officers want to continue to run for class elections, and participate in school clubs and sports. They hope to continue on making new friends and maturing along the way.
The process of elections is fairly simple. For the president and vice president you have to have a running mate and receive 75 signatures from other freshmen. They can campaign around school (passing out candy, or flyers, and hanging posters), on election day, those who want to vote filled out a ballot during lunch.
For the representatives, all of those who wanted to run put their names on the board during a meeting. From there, people wrote down six names and the top six were put on the ballot and the top three were elected.
For secretaries the process is the same for the representatives, but the top three names go on the ballot and only one becomes secretary.
“I wanted to run for class representative to make my class the best it can be,” said class representative Megan Steinhiser, With these freshman’s ambition, they will do just that.

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