Athlete of the Issue: Karmen Halfacre


Karmen ready for her volleyball game

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

Karmen Halfacre’s athleticism and participation in clubs is brought out as she starts her senior year of high school at MCHS.

Halfacre is a co-captain on the volleyball team with Kylie Filipiak and Emily Kinney. She enjoys sharing leadership with the two others as they keep their team upbeat and excited about volleyball.

“We are able to represent such an awesome team and better our leadership skills while doing it.”

One of  Halfacre’s favorite things about playing volleyball is the people she plays with. She likes that her teammates are funny and fun to be around.

She started playing volleyball in 7 grade at Barker Middle School. Volleyball came somewhat easy to her, because she was already an athlete leading up to the sport and had strength built up.

“When I first started in the seventh grade, I remember there were just a lot of girls in my grade who were playing, and I thought it would be a fun thing to be a part of.”

Halfacre also played softball and did cheerleading, but she stopped after she got into high school to focus on volleyball.

Outside of Wolves Volleyball, Halfacre plays for the Dunes club on the teal team with people her age. She shares the sport with her younger sister, Kasey Halfacre, who is also on the MCHS team and the Dunes Club, but does not mind this because it gives them something to do when they are bored at home, and it is something in common with one another.

Halfacre’s favorite volleyball memories are beating La Porte for the first time while she was in high school her junior year and her teammate, Reece Shirley, bursting out into tears a lot for reasons unknown to Halfacre. Halfacre shares lots of laughs and excitement with her team, but she enjoys the relationships formed on the team and the competition in a game the most. She is really happy she joined the volleyball team and has no regrets.

“I do not know what I would have done, if I had not joined the volleyball team.”

When volleyball season ends, Halfacre takes part in quite a few activities, whether at school or outside of school.  In the spring, she is on the Unified Track team and a part of the Champions Together program. Halfacre has made many friendships and met many new people by doing unified track.

“It is so cool to be a part of a program at school that has amazing goals and promotes awesome things around the school as a whole like inclusiveness and acceptance.”

Halfacre looks forward to being involved in many clubs this year. Her mother encouraged her to be a part of clubs at school.  She will participate in Spanish Club, Honor Society, and Math Club this year.  She is the president of Honor Society, and her favorite school subject is science.  Outside of school, Halfacre likes to go to the beach to look for beach glass and bake on her free time.

Halfacre is not sure on where she would like to go to college, but she plans to major in biology, and then go on to medical school to become a dermatologist.  She gives advice to underclassmen that it is important to work on getting grade point averages up and not to wait until the last minute. School will only get harder as the years go by, according to Halfacre.

“Listen to teachers and the upperclassmen when they say something students need to do to be successful,” Halfacre advices. “They have been in this position before and only have what is best for everyone in mind.”

As Halfacre finishes off high school, she wants to thank those who helped her through her high school career and volleyball.

“I would like to thank Coach Kohler and my parents and the friends that have always been genuine in their friendship with me.”

Halfacre looks up to her grandparents. They work hard in life and have a positive attitude while doing it.

“They have always been there for my family as a whole and have really made a difference in my life and in the lives of everyone around them, and that is the type of person I would want to become some day.

Halfacre has a positive attitude towards the future with a good mindset.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there is always going to be someone that does not like peaches.” -Dita Von Teese

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