College deadlines are closing in


 It is that time of year again and MCHS students are filling out applications for colleges as deadlines are quickly approaching. Most universities have an early decision date of November first through November fifteenth. Most students would want to check on the college website to find the correct information. Students should also complete most applications in the fall.

Head counselor Mrs.Galloway said, “Some tips I would suggest that a student take the most challenging courses he or she can handle. I would also suggest the student work hard and strive to obtain excellent grades and an Indiana Honors diploma or at the very least, a Core 40 diploma or Technical Honors diploma.”

Many students use the website, which is a non-profit member organization that provides reliable resources to help students with college applications. It helps serve students, member institutions, and secondary schools by providing applications that students and school by providing applications that stuends and school officials may submit to many of their over five hundred members, by evaluating students using a holistic selection process.

Galloway said, “First of all, you must complete FAFSA by the beginning of March to be eligible for any state or federal aid. Secondly, you should check the MCHS Guidance website for the scholarship postings. All are placed on the website. Just see if you meet the requirements for the scholarship, follow the directions and send it in. Research other scholarship opportunities through websites such as Always check the financial aid link at the university you hope to attend. Lots of opportunities for scholarships are posted there. Lastly, the earlier you get your application into the university, the better chance you have at obtaining university funds.”

Colleges frown upon students with low grades or a low GPA. They want to see a student challenge themselves with high level courses while staying active in school and in their communities.

Senior Erin Callaghan gave some advice applications to underclassmen saying, “I would say start with the basics early. Keep a running resume, with grades, activities, leadership, awards and volunteering. Study for those standardized tests, because it helps more than you think. And lastly, set a goal after high school whether it be a certain university or profession, do whatever you can do to reach it.”

With a quality education being more important than ever, it is essential for students at MCHS to work toward college acceptance and with that, better opportunities in their future.

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