College Go! Week

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

College Go! Week is an Indiana statewide campaign that encourages students to gear up for careers and an education after high school.  It was created to help students turn their career goals into success.

College Go! Week kicked off on September 26 at MCHS. Students were allowed to wear college t-shirts the whole week and participate in trivia quiz questions read on the morning announcements. Tickets were received by students if they answered two out of three questions right each morning. The tickets were then put into a raffle for the opportunity to win prizes.

College Go! Week not only promotes an education after high school but success in college and careers. It helps students get on the right path towards achieving college and career goals. Questions are raised amongst students, such as, Why go to college? The questions get them thinking about different aspects of college and career readiness. Participating schools in College Go! Week also discuss suggested college study habits and time management.  Some schools encourage the discussion of college and careers at home during the week to get everyone on board with career success to the pertaining student.

Some colleges offered free applications during the week of College Go! Week. Indiana State University waived their application fee for the month of September in honor of College Go! Week. Some schools even waived housing applications to help students save money and be encouraged to live on campus.

College Go! Week as a whole gets students excited about an education after graduating high school.


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