High school goes by in a blink of an eye

Sarah Smith , Editor in Chief

MCHS is a great place to learn and create memories over a period of four years. It is absolutely crazy that I am a senior and am in my last year at MCHS.
It seems like just yesterday that I walked through those doors on the very first day, extremely scared to be going to a new school with 2,000 students.
High school can seem scary at first but after a while you just get used to it and everything it has to offer. MCHS offers so many opportunities for its students with all of the clubs, activities, and sports.
The best way to really enhance your high school experience is to be involved in as many things as you possibly can.
Over my four years I have been involved in a wide variety of things at the high school and that was probably the best decision I made throughout my high school career.
My closest friends are the ones that I met through the sports or activities I am involved in. High School can be a ton of fun even though it is very hard work.
You just have to get involved in as much as possible. It makes the time you spend at the high school more fun and enjoyable.
One of the easiest thing to get involved in at MCHS is student council. Student council is in charge of working to put on different student events throughout the year.
For example student council is in charge of running spirit week festivites. These include dress up days, fall olympics, the parade, and the pep session. All of these are great events that need lots of help to plan and the more people to help the better.
Besides the wide variety of school clubs to join sports teams are also a great avenue. There are so many different teams that are available. There are several options in the fall, winter, and spring and are a fun way to occupy your time.
The third option when it comes to activities is to join the theater department. They are currently working on their fall play, Once Upon a Mattress. By joining activites at the high school it makes your time fly by and next thing you know it will be your graduation day. So enjoy the time you have while you still have it because before you know it high school will be over and you will be moving on to the next stage of your life.

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