Jose Fernandez dies tragically at 24

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

This week we lost one of the most aspiring young athletes in the game of baseball. Jose Fernandez was one of the best young pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB). He was a pitcher for the Miami Marlins, a MLB team. A two time all-star and rookie of the year, Fernandez had a promising career ahead of him. Sadly, in the early hours of September 25, his boat crashed and killed him and two unidentified males. His totally unexpected death shocked the world when it was announced later that day. The story is that Fernandez had the 32 foot long boat going full speed and accidentally crashed into a rock formation. No alcohol or illegal drugs were found on the boat and he was wearing a life vest, crossing out any allegations that he was under the influence. Fernandez had a game later that day, it was respectfully cancelled. The news stirred the pot not only for the Marlins, but other teams as well. He was a liked guy by other players, hence why teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs, and the New York Mets hung up his jersey in their dugouts. The Marlins all then held a ceremony and all wore his jersey, number sixteen. Other teams also held commemoration to him. Fellow teammate Dee Gordon walked up to the plate the first game back after his death and took a pitch in the right batters box. Gordon bats lefty, but took a pitch in the right one where Fernandez used to bat. And then a miracle happened, Gordon returned to the plate for his second pitch in the left batter’s box and hit his first home run of the season. Gordon then said in an interview after the game, “I ain’t never hit a ball that far, not even in BP. If y’all don’t believe in God, you’d better start. ‘For that to happen today, we had some help.” Aledmys Diaz, another one of Fernandez’s close friends who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, stepped up in a game and hit a grand slam. Diaz and Fernandez grew up on the same block in Cuba together, so as expected he was very emotional. On top of all of this, Fernandez has a baby girl on the way. His pregnant  girlfriend Maria Arias and the whole team attended his emotional funeral. Jose Fernandez will be truly missed by baseball and the world.

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