MCHS welcomes Mr. McCollum



Mr. McCollum in his office.

Richer Huynh, Feature Reporter

Mr. Wendel McCollum, our new principal, and an understandably very busy man, was gracious enough to sit down with the Cityzen to share his early aspirations that led him to his current position and his plans for the high school’s future.

Mr. McCollum was born and raised in Michigan City and attended Roger’s High School in his youth, graduating with the class of 1992.

McCollum recalls that the gradual, but pivotal, influence that brought him to his present position was his time spent attending Roger’s High School.

“I would say that having a strong and engaging relationship with teachers when I was a student, walking through these hallways, going through the education, that I wanted to become an instructor.  I had a passion for social studies. For some reason, that was the subject that I loved the most. Also, being an athlete here, playing football, the teachers who influenced me the most were the coaches who were also teaching in that subject area of social studies.” says McCollum.

McCollum attended Indiana University Northwest in Gary to major in social studies and also study secondary education, his main areas being U.S. History and Government. Just recently, McCollum finished his Education Specialist degree at Indiana Wesleyan University, receiving a Superintendents’ License. He served as Associate Principal at Elston and Krueger Middle Schools from 2006-2010.

Before coming to Michigan City High School, McCollum served as the principal East Chicago Central High School.

When asked about any qualities of Michigan City High School that he would like to correct in his future endeavors, McCollum alludes to the lack of stability of positions in administration

“Well, one of the things I’d like to fix—well, improve on—is the negative image we have in the community. For example, in the past four years, we’ve had four different principals. So something I’d like to see is a consistency with the person in the principal position; with consistency, there’s harmony and.. happiness, because that aren’t constantly changing and we have a dependable, regular staff and faculty.”

In light of this melancholy, yet honest and admirable answer, McCollum tells us the valuable qualities that he sees in the high school that he would like to perpetuate is the strong school spirit from the students and its academic success.

“Perpetuate? I love student spirit. You know, I want to make sure that the students are happy and excited about coming to school. Wherever area they are; Northwest Indiana, Indiana, United States, the World, I want people to know that we have top-notch, top-quality students. For example, last year we had four National Merit Scholarship finalists from our school. I’d also like them to know that not only are we awesome in academics, but in athletics, as well.”

McCollum tells us that his favorite aspect of working in schools as a social studies instructor and administrator is watching his former students and pupils growing up.

“I knew those kids when they were 11 or 12 years old when I was working over at Elston and Krueger, and it’s very gratifying to see them again here at the high school. Not only is it great to see them grown into their adolescent, but to see that they are still developing under the leadership of our community’s finest instructors.”

It’s clear that our new principal, Mr. Wendel McCollum, has many plans in store to benefit our high school and community as a whole. These include improving our image in the community, and continuing to strengthen our school’s spirit and academic success. After seeing four different principals in the last four years, Wendel McCollum assures us that he’s around for the long haul.

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