Volleyball team honors their seniors


left to right: Braxton Hervey, Briana Resto, Alexis Biggers, Emma Zaknoun, Allyson Richards, Haley Buchanan, Karmen Halfacre, & Brandon Hurt

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

The MCHS volleyball team had senior night on Thursday, October 6.

Each senior entered the gym with their parents, and the announcer read facts about them for an introduction.  The other team members sat in rows and clapped to make way for their seniors.  The gym was decorated with balloons and posters.  The team set up tables with pictures, gifts, and goodies for each senior.

“I loved walking in with my parents, and the tables were the best part,” Senior, Allyson Richards, shared.

City fought hard and played well against Crown Point.  They tried their best playing and staying in with the game.  They made a lot of good plays to earn points that helped them keep up with Crown Point.  The first game ended with City having 19 points.  City lost the other two games as well with 14 points in the second and 17 in the third.  The game may not have ended as the team had hoped, but they kept their heads up to still keep the focus on having a good senior night.

“The underclassmen made my senior night the best night ever.  We played so well, and I could not be more proud!  I will never forget how amazing it was,” said Senior, Haley Buchanan.

The team not only honored the senior players, but they recognized their senior managers, Brandon Hurt and Braxton Hervey.

“Senior night was really awesome! I think a lot of us seniors just could not believe that it was actually happening after these four seasons.  The girls did an absolutely amazing job decorating the gym for us, and we all appreciated it.  It was definitely a bittersweet moment but a great night overall,” said, Senior Karmen Halfacre.

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