MCHS hosts food drive

Michigan City High School makes a school-wide effort to collect canned goods for The Salvation Army.


Hunger is a growing issue that affects most Americans, including people close to home. After recognizing this problem, MCHS decided to make a difference for those who are less fortunate in the community.


The fifth annual Student Hunger Drive commences in the month of October to raise over 400,000 pounds of food. The food drive spans six weeks in length and will end with a loading day on Wednesday, November 16.Within that timeframe, students and teachers are encouraged to bring in nonperishable food items to the school to donate to food charity groups.


Teacher and sponsor of National Honor Society, Jennifer Gracyalny (Señorita G) enthusiastically became the voice of the good cause.


Señorita G says, “I think the Student Hunger Drive is a fantastic way to raise awareness of how many people do not know when their next meal will be. It is estimated that 1/5 children in LaPorte County do not know when they will eat next, and I think that is a terrible way to live. As a school, we are fighting against that to make sure everyone has access to food.”


In support of the Wolves’ competitive spirit, incentives have been implemented to encourage and reward students for their generosity.


MCHS and 10 other high schools in Northwest Indiana will face off to see what school can collect the most items. The school that wins will receive $1,000 for their kindness.  Administrators at MCHS have also instituted incentives for students to donate more food. Each week hosts a new incentive including a  sweatpants day, a competition between first hours, pizza from Papa John’s, and the honor of throwing a pie at Officer Campbell.


To further boost student’s morale, Officer Campbell has promised to dye his hair any color of the schools choosing if MCHS can raise over 500 items.


Groups such as NHS officers, student council officers, and class officers have been aiding Señorita G in this mission to resolve the issue of hunger. Certainly, City will go far beyond their reach to achieve their goals and help those in the community.

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