The Election is Over

Jack Smith, News Reporter

The election is finally over. Both candidates have given it their all and now the decision has been made by the American people. On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Donald Trump was elected President of the most powerful nation in the world. But, he will not be sworn into office until January 20, 2017. This election is not by any standard a normal election. Both candidates have what some would say “shady pasts”. They both have done things that are not looked highly upon and are somewhat disgraceful to the U.S.’s name. There are a lot of people saying that the reason that they voted for Donald Trump was not because he is a good person, but because he represents something a lot bigger, change. The nation’s political leaders have had all the power for far too long.

People may not agree with all of President-Elect Trump’s ideas, but as a nation the U.S. needs to get behind him and hope that he leads them to a better place. If people are already tearing the new leader down, how could he possibly help the country in a positive way? The answer is he cannot. So if everyone will try to think optimistically about his presidency then the country might be able to succeed and further their economic development. Who knows, he could actually end up being a good president. Everyone owes it to the U.S.’s  future to give him a chance to see exactly what he can do.

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