Fall concert showcases talent

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

On October 13, 2016 the first band and choir concert of the year was held in the MCHS auditorium. This concert featured performances from the handbell choir of three people, beginning boys’ and girls’ choir, which is made up of freshman but only features one male singer this year. Also performing were concert choir, combined cadet and concert band, treble chorale, symphonic band, City Singers and the Wolfpack Marching Band.

This year, the choirs and bands had different styles of songs. While the choirs’ songs were mostly slow and lyrical, many of the bands were short and staccatoed pieces. The beginning boys’ and girls’ choir, sang two songs. The first was “Dona Nobis Pacem,” a slower piece. The second, “Brand New, Glorious Day,” was a contrast and was more upbeat. Since the beginning boys’ and girls’ chorus only included one boy, his voice was highlighted as much as possible.
Grades 9-12 are involved in concert choir, an audition is required to join. They performed “Alleluia” and “Starshine.” “Starshine” was a semi-repetitive song with a repeating verse of, “I am on my way”.

Next performing was the combined cadet & concert band, who played “African Sketches” and “Lightning!” These songs made continuous switches from being accented to lyrical.

Next up to perform was the all girls choir in their infamous purple dresses, treble chorale. This choir is made up of grades 9-12, and, similarly to concert choir, auditions are required to join. Their second song was called “Joyfully Sing!” and The choir teacher Mrs. Howisen said, “To be able to sing this song well, they had to keep all of their vowels the same.”

The next band to perform was symphonic. Filled with mostly junior and seniors, this is the highest band at MCHS. They played “Blue Ridge Saga,” with solo played by Hannah Moore. “This was my favorite piece to play, and I liked the melody I got to play for my solo,” said Moore. Their second song played was “Chillers and Thrillers (Themes of Suspense).” This was composed of the Star Wars theme song, “Devil’s Dance,” Jaws, Dracula, “Escape from the City” and the “Face of Voldemort,” and then a reprise of Star Wars, all composed by John Williams.

Mr. Merrick said, “There are many different backgrounds that each student comes with, and that is what makes me believe that music is a universal language.”

City Singers was the last choir to perform. This is a boys and girls choir with auditions, so it is made of grades 9-12 as well. Their first song was “Gaelic Rhapsody,” which was multiple folk songs combined together. Their second song, “Tanzen and Springen,” was sung accapella and completely in German. In summary, it was a shorter song about friendship.

To conclude the night, the marching band performed their show for the 2016 season, “Ozmosis.” It included selections from The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, and The Wiz. These pieces were “A Brand New Day/ Defying Gravity,” “There’s No Place Like Home,” and “To the Emerald City.”

Following this, the band went into the audience and played the MCHS fight song to end the concert. This caused everyone to get involved and filled them with school spirit by clapping along.

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