Loyal Wolves attend homecoming

With former wolf, Dylan Underwood and Dan Kohn, it shows that it takes a lot more than a move or graduation to get them out of the Den; this was evident at this years Homecoming football game.
Kohn graduated from Elston Rogers, and Underwood is a former student of MCHS who is now a senior at South Bend Clay. Both Kohn and Underwood can be found at countless sporting events throughout the year, each faithfully supporting MCHS athletics. Underwood said, “Nothing compares to MCHS. It is my home. I grew up in Michigan City, and this place will always have a piece of me.”
Kohn commented on MCHS by saying, “I have always loved it ever since I was in high school. Once I graduated, I easily became an adult fan.”
MCHS athletics does not always excel, but the program does persevere through any hardships that it encounters and greatly impacts the lives of the athletes involved. Underwood stated, “I owe a lot to MCHS. I would not be the person I am today without it. My coach truly helped me on and off the [basketball] court.”
Fans of MCHS are often made up of families in the community, and, without their support, MCHS athletics would not be where it is today. Kohn said, “All the years I have been involved in Michigan City athletics, it still amazes me on how we all come together at events and push these athletes to achieve their goals. There is really something special here.”
Several fans would agree with Kohn in saying that there is something “special” about MCHS. Athletic winning seasons have become more common and the school systems have tremendously improved. The resources are provided; it just takes the right students and support to achieve success. Underwood said, “Anything can really be pointed at as to why MCHS is special. With athletics, it is all about having the right mindset. People have to work hard to get what they want out of the program. It teaches them a life lesson because, in the world beyond high school, no one is just given their success; it has to be worked for.”

Dylan Underwood and Dan Kohn pose at homecoming
Dylan Underwood and Dan Kohn pose at homecoming



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