Girls’ basketball: teamwork is a must

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

The girls’ basketball team is a hardworking group of girls that do not quit conditioning or practicing all year long.
In fact, they believe that they are going to be a top competitor in the DAC this year due to this hard work.
According to Junior Molly Heath the Wolves are the hardest working team in the DAC. The girls’ constantly condition, repeatedly work on their layups, their free-throws, and perfecting their handles (dribbling the ball). Heath also believes that the Wolves are “faster than any other team [in the DAC].”
The end of the season did not signal an end to practicing for the wolves. Many of the girls have been working at home all summer to improve their skills to help benefit the team this upcoming season. Sophomore Alex Pomeroy said, “I have worked on my shot, I have weight lifted, and conditioned at my house this past summer.”
After her hard work all summer Pomeroy hopes that her new experiences will impact her performance on the court. She hopes to be a more well-rounded player, which will allow her to contribute more to securing her teams wins this season. Junior, Marissa Workman has been working on her handles and her shot technique. She hopes to improve her handles and become faster throughout the year.
Besides the conditioning and all of their talent, the girls’ are spending time bond ing with one another, which will be a big component in this year’s success for the lady wolves. Sophomore Hannah Noveroske said, “I believe that since it is my second year on the team, my connection with the girls is better, thus making for good teamwork on the court.” Noveroske also said, “A big aspect to change this season would be the teamwork,” but she says, “this year’s atmosphere is more positive.” With all of the positive attitudes Noveroske knows that they will have a successful season. Workman, Noveroske, Heath, and Pomeroy all hope to win sectionals this year and to have a better record than last season’s.
The wolves hope to be a more consistent and tightly-knit team this season. Their teamwork, hard work, and their positive attitudes play an important role for this season’s success. The wolves, this season, have high chances of going far into the postseason. Remembering their teamwork and communication are going to be key components on keeping the dream of winning sectionals alive throughout the 2016-2017 season.

The atmosphere has changed from a ‘friend’ group to a family.”

— Molly Heath

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