Let’s Watch: Now You See Me 2

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Now You See Me 2, directed by Jon M. Chu, is the continuation of the 2013 movie, directed by Louis Leterrier. It features Jesse Eisenberg as Atlas, Woody Harrelson as McKinney, and Dave Franco as Jack Wilder: three of the original four horsemen. The movie also includes a new addition to the horsemen: Lizzy Caplan as Lula.

One thing I believe in is an eye for an eye.”

— Thaddeus Bradley

The movie starts off with a scene from New Jersey 1984, where a young boy sits and watches as his father does a dangerous trick. The man is locked in a safe and thrown into the river, and he must escape before the box fills with water. To the child’s despair, as well as the admiring audience, the man does not make it out alive. As viewers have already pieced together, this is Dylan Rhodes and his father from the first movie,.The scene then switches to a present day one of the horsemen.

It has been a year since their big trick, the horsemen are still in hiding, and they are waiting for instruction from their leader, Dylan, played by Mark Ruffalo, the young boy, now an adult, from the scene before. Dylan is an FBI agent trying to find the horsemen, but this is just a coverup. One of the first scenes of the movie is him trying to figure out where the horsemen are hiding, so he can catch them in the act. This is difficult, though, because he does not know their location.

The horsemen’s first step is to take over Octa’s show and reveal them for selling people’s privacy without their knowledge. Unfortunately, In their attempt to hijack the stage, they are outsmarted, thus revealing their secrets. They are kidnapped by Walter Mabry, who is after his stolen invention: a chip that can access everyone’s information that will soon be sold on the Internet.

Mabry forces them to team up with him to steal back the chip. While planning out how to do this, it is revealed to the other horsemen that Atlas has been partially working alone to figure out what they have been rehearsing for for so many months. He wants to uncover who is behind “The Eye”, someone who only keeps saying, “Wait. Be patient. The Eye has a plan.”

They disguise themselves and are allowed into the facility that is keeping the chip. Through sly card tricks, they are able to escape with the chip and get away.

As more events of trickery occur, the horsemen are still able to trick Mabry and his father, thus exposing their evildoing to everyone who has witnessed its effects and treachery.

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