Athlete of the issue: Aryuan Cain-Veasey

Athlete of the issue: Aryuan Cain-Veasey

Dalin McCully, Feature Reporter

Aryuan Cain-Veasey plays as a running back on the MCHS varsity football team. His humble beginning with football began at the age of six.

He began playing on the Pop Warner team, where his love for the game was in its infancy. His favorite memory of his time on the team was going to the Pop Warner National Football Championship in Florida. Everything he has worked for in his life has led up to the monumental moments he spends on the field his senior year.

The sport has always been the focal point in his life and has been coupled closely with fitness. In his free time he works part-time, plays video games, and focuses on school.

For him, football would not be possible without his intense workout sessions, often times spent with his fellow teammates. It is his stress relief, and it aids him in activities on and off of the field. During off season, he enjoys training with his close friends and fellow Wolves Orson Eckwood, Markice Hurt, and Noah Jones. Making long lasting friendships has been a crucial element of his success as an athlete.

He has made countless friendships with his fellow players on the team starting with his freshman year. He has built relationships with coming and leaving players regardless of their grade.

He will mainly miss a lot of his close friends his age, including the juniors and some of his family members on the freshmen team. He considered continuing to play his other favorite sport, basketball, as he did in his middle school years. However, despite his intense love for the sport, he could never allot the time needed to be devoted to basketball.
After making the difficult decision to leave the court, Aryuan propelled himself to work at his full potential on the turf. He certainly exhibited this tough grind by earning a single game rushing record as a sophomore and with his hopes to set more records before the 2016-2017 season ends.

For Cain-Veasey, football instills discipline in the players because it teaches them to work hard and attain certain leadership qualities.

He highly encourages people to join the team, as it enables the players to take ownership of their actions.

“If someone is  looking for a sport that will teach them how to become a better person, then they should join the football team. It is a great way to make friends,” he said. 

When on the field, he zones out his external surroundings and zealously directs his attention to the game. On the sidelines, he is more relaxed and takes in the potent scent of team spirit emanating through the air.
The positive energy that spreads through the Den gives him a good feeling because he knows they are there to support the team.
After the recent unfortunate loss to Laporte at the homecoming game, he showed a persevering spirit toward the rest of the season. Losing is his motivation to work harder at achieving his goals and carry the team to the light at the end of the tunnel.

His friends, coaches, and family have supported him through his toilsome journey. However, he owes his success to the hard work and love shown by his mother.
Cain-Veasey said, “My mom pushes me to do the best in everything I do. Even when I feel like I’m down she always makes sure I am on the right track, and that I am doing the right thing.”
He also highly upholds his short, but sweet, relationship he formed with his coach, Coach Mason.

“It feels good to have him come in that quickly a create such a great friendship within the short time-frame we have had,” said Cain-Veasey.

Aryuan strives for success, and this year, he hopes the team will work hard enough to win their first sectional championship. In addition, as graduation approaches, he has set forth steps to allow him to achieve his goals.
Despite being looked at by other colleges, he wishes to attend Oregon State University to major in construction or architecture related field. These fields will openly display his industriousness in the same fashion as his sport, such as the lessons and discipline he has learned. His ultimate goal is to play in the NFL. He strives to reflect the athletic qualities displayed by his favorite player, Adrian Peterson.
Regardless of the level he will attain in the sport he hopes to return to the field at MCHS to help other players progress to the level that he did.
“Football will be with me for the rest of my life,” said Cain-Veasey.

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