Let’s Read: The Young Elites

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

The Young Elites, is a teen science fiction novel written by Marie Lu. The Young Elites is mainly written in first person, following the story of Adelina Amouteru, This book is written during 1361, based in a mythical country of Kenettra. In Kenettra, a sickness called the blood fever swept the country.
Adelina, Violetta her sister, and their mother caught the disease, and it ends up killing their mother. Fortunately, Violetta came out unscathed, but Adelina ended up being marked by a malfetto. A malfetto was what the civilians of Kenettra called those who were infected with the fever.
In the middle of the night, she wakes to hear her father talking to a strange man. After following the noise that she heard, Adelina discovered that her entire life was greatly at stake. Adelina’s father was going to sell her to the man, so she could be his mistress. That night, Adelina tries to get away, however she does not get very far, before the man catches her and drags her back to his horse. Adelina lashes out in anger and somehow calls forth phantoms to terrorize her father. The phantoms scare the horse knocking Adelina’s father off killing him.
Adelina rode through the night, eventually stumbling upon a woman, who let her stay in her barn for the night. This was not the end of her suspenseful journey, though.
In the morning, she got arrested and was held in a cell for weeks, awaiting her execution. The day of her execution the lead Inquisitor, Teren, lit the bottom of her stake,

Photo Credit: Good Reads
Photo Credit: Good Reads

but she created an illusion that the flames had stopped. Once the crowd noticed, the illusion was broken.
As soon as the illusion broke, Enzo, a boy wielding daggers, swooped down in front of her, thus taking out the Inquisitors. As the boy is untying Adelina, she realizes he is unscathed by the fire.
Adelina works hard with The Dagger Society over the next few months to control her powers. Over that time she develops a love interest in Enzo, who also happens to be the rightful heir to the throne. Therefore, Adelina has a chance to marry into a royal family. The Dagger Society told Adelina that they wanted to infiltrate Kenettra’s throne to secure it for Enzo, which would also help her in her journey.
Weeks before, Teren threatened Adelina to update him on the Dagger Society’s progress, or he would hurt her sister. Adelina decided to rescue her sister, and, in the process, Adelina finds two Young Elites.
Violetta can mask another Young Elite’s power rendering them useless and Taren, the lead Inquisitor, can heal instantaneously.
Teren and Enzo, agree to have a public duel and make the book end in a twist.

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