A new queen is crowned

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

Left to right: Emma Zaknoun and Tyler Johnston Photo credits: Monica Zaknoun
Left to right: Emma Zaknoun and Tyler Johnston
Photo credit: Monica Zaknoun

During the homecoming halftime festivities, Emma Zaknoun was announced the 2016 homecoming queen.

At halftime, each candidate walked out on the field with their escort and lined up to prepare for the big announcement. An introduction was given for each candidate before the winner was named. When Zaknoun was announced as homecoming queen, Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins crowned her. She was escorted by senior, Tyler Johnston.

“I was completely shocked and happy,” Zaknoun said.

Zaknoun was surprised that she won, because she felt that there were so many candidates that seemed fit to be the winner. Most of the candidates were friends of Zaknoun, and they were all really supportive of each other leading up to the night.

“I felt proud that I was able to fill the role of what a homecoming queen should be,” expressed Zaknoun.

She thought the football game was exciting overall and something she has never experienced before. Even though she has been to the homecoming games before, actually being a part of it and being recognized in that way made it something she will always remember.

Zaknoun had a lot of fun participating in spirit week, because she could have fun with her friends and express herself. She felt that it allowed all the positive energy to build up before the game Friday night. Her favorite part of spirit week was having fun during school and seeing everyone dressed up, and her favorite part of the game was going back into the Den after she won and hearing all of the support from her friends.

“It really made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than just high school,” said Zaknoun.

In her preparation for the night, Zaknoun had help from her family with her hair, makeup, and nails. She also had help with finishing her posters that hung on her car during the parade. She enjoyed seeing everyone she knew along the streets cheering for her and Johnston and wishing them the best of luck.

“It felt good to see how many people were all there for me,” said the 2016-2017 homecoming queen.

Her family was excited for her and made sure she knew that being a candidate itself was an accomplishment. They kept her calm the entire time leading up to halftime. Zaknoun looks up to her sisters, Megan and Monica Zaknoun, who also represented french club as candidates during their senior years.

“I want to thank my parents, sisters, friends, and all the students and adults who supported me that night,” Zaknoun said.

At school, Zaknoun participates in volleyball, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, science club, steering committee, and student council. After high school, Zaknoun plans on going to college to study physical therapy or psychiatry; she is looking into University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, and the University of Chicago for potential colleges.

If she had to sum up her whole homecoming experience in one word, Zaknoun would say: amazing.

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