Seizys and Mellen compete at girls’ golf regionals

Left to right: Allie Mellen and Maggie Seizys
Photo credit: Emma Sells

Left to right: Allie Mellen and Maggie Seizys Photo credit: Emma Sells

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

Maggie Seizys and Allie Mellen competed at the girls’ golf regionals at Battle Ground Golf Club this fall.

Seizys and Mellen are both seniors and veterans on the golf team at MCHS; the duo has been a part of the golf team for four years now, and they had hoped to finish this season strong.

The duo qualified for the regional at the La Porte sectional held at Beechwood Golf Course. At sectionals, only three individuals could qualify. Seizys and Mellen grabbed the second and third place spots. Seizys qualified with a score of 103, and Mellen with a 101. Both girls were very excited to have made it to regionals together as seniors.

Seizys previously went to regionals her junior year, but was excited to go with her teammate and friend, Mellen.

“I almost had to face off with another player for the spot, so that was extremely nerve wracking. Once I found out my score was low enough, I was happy to be qualifying for regionals again,” Seizys shared.

Leading up to the regional tournament, Seizys and Mellen prepared themselves physically and mentally. They both had multiple lessons from a golf pro at Long Beach Country Club and played a practice round of golf at the regional course. They tried their best to stay happy and get along the week leading up to the tournament to have positive mindests.

“We made sure we remained at a good mental state,” Seizys said.

When it came to the day of regionals, Seizys and Mellen said it felt good to be there to compete. Seizys finished the round with a 102, and Mellen with a 95. The results may not have been what they would have hoped, but they enjoyed their regional experience.

“Because of all the previous competitions, regionals seemed like just another ordinary round of golf, but the nerves were still there. It was overall a good experience,” Mellen said. Mellen and Seizys did a great job representing their school.

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