Oktoberfest 2k16: a German tradition

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

This year’s Oktoberfest will be held in Munich, Germany. Many people believe it is a beer festival, but it is not. It began as a wedding ceremony for Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810.
No one thought it would explode into what it is today. To this day, Oktoberfest is a giant festival that gets an average attendance of 7 million people. It is already scheduled for the next five years.
Large amounts of beer are consumed at Oktoberfest, it is the main attraction for the festival. People from all around the world come to have a good time and drink German ale.
It has been a trademark for Germany. The festival always lasts at least 16 days and started on September 17 and ended on October 3.
They plan to start and stop on the same days next year. The legal drinking age in Germany is sixteen, so younger people are not absent from this big event.
This accounts to that Oktoberfest is a surprisingly kid-friendly zone. Kids of any age can go to have fun.
Many Germans attend every year and most at least make one appearance in their life.
Drinking and eating is not the only thing to do there though. Endless rides and carnival games line the streets.
Dancing is also a big festivity there. All around people can see dancing to the various bands and groups preforming. Germany takes prides in this festival, it is a symbol of German heritage and is truly a great event.
Many other countries take ideas from or replicate a smaller version of the Oktoberfest. They may call it by a different name, but the overall festival is generally the same.
Some countries even put their own spin on Oktoberfest. Locally, Michigan City has their own version. It is an authentic German experience that is both indoor and out. There is also no entry fee, so you can go just for a good time. Oktoberfest is one of the best things to go to in Germany. If planning a trip, it would definitely be worth it to checkout the dates for the Oktoberfest.

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