Wolves football gets back to business


Farrah Goodall

Michigan City players line up at a home game.

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

The year of 2016 has been an exciting one for the Michigan City High School football team. After an underwhelming 2015 season, where the Wolves went 2-8, things seem to have taken a turn in the right direction.
For the first time in their history, the Wolves went 6-1 to start the season and have secured only the fifth winning season in the history of the program.
The Wolves have always had the individual talent and athleticism to compete in the DAC, but, when asked about what made them so successful this year, a change in mentality seemed to be the consensus.
“Mentally we are ready to go against any opponent.” said sophomore linebacker Chase Triplett, “In our minds we know that we are stronger, more physical, and we have studied a ton of film to know that we can outwork our opponent.”
Senior defensive back Ronald Falls also attributed City’s winning ways to a mental change. “Last year when we were down in certain situations, we had no experience in overcoming adversity, and this year I think Coach Mason has helped us a lot facing adversity. Whenever we are down we make great team efforts.”
In recent years, it has seemed that a lack of teamwork and accountability has been the downfall of the Wolves, but under new head coach, Phil Mason, those two things have become strengths.
“Last year getting scored on or when someone made a big play we would always point fingers. I think we have come a long way towards becoming a family and actually being a team,” said Falls.
Mason joined the Wolves in January after a successful nine year stint coaching for Andrean, where he led the 59ers to a state championship in 2013.
Many consider Mason to be the reason for the program’s revival, and although it is only his first year at Michigan City, his impact is already felt. The Wolves are playing with more confidence than ever.
“Our team was talented last year. It is just that, last year, we did not have the mindset that we were ready for our opponent, and we had to win,” said Triplett, “This year we have a mindset going into every game that we are the better team and that we have to win. There is no other option.”
Believing in themselves and having confidence out on the field has worked wonders for the Wolves this season, and they have high hopes that it carries them well into the postseason too.
“Our biggest goal this year is to win a sectional championship,” Triplett stated simply.
For a Michigan City squad coming off of its best regular season in years, being able to win a sectional championship would be huge, and would cement this season as one of the best that the program has ever seen.
The Wolves have not only set high goals for this season, however. With lots of young talent, the future is bright.
“I am very confident in the future of the program,” said Triplett, “Being a starter on varsity as a sophomore is a great learning experience, so that next year I will be able to lead my defense and help the younger guys out. We have some key guys that are returning on both sides of the ball in these next few years so we will be good.”
These new generations of Wolves football players will hopefully keep the fire of victory burning within the program.
Michigan City has finally crawled out of the basement of the DAC, and under the leadership of Phil Mason, they do not expect to return anytime soon.

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